Sovereign House

Pain Solutions


Our revolutionary approach looks well beyond symptoms and the usual diagnoses. This advanced diagnostic system checks your whole body for abnormal neuromuscular reflexes. These are the reflexes that keep you safe from pain and injury. We explore all angles - from nutrition and exercise to specialized therapies - to effectively address your unique needs.


There's no need to suffer in silence. You deserve to live a pain-free life.
With 36 years of experience and over 30,000 happy patients, Simon King specialises in Afferentology, a system of optimising the body's resistance to pain and injury.

increase strength and robustness

Do you want to solve your current pain as quickly as possible, but you also want a lasting solution? There are plenty of band-aid options but they only kick the can down the road. Our patients are sick of the temporary treatments. They want their body to work the way it is supposed to - free of pain and strong enough to live life to the full.